Highway Department

Richard Cross

Highway Superintendent

The Sheridan County Road Department is tasked with maintaining 1235 miles of county roads within the county. In addition to maintaining the roads the department also maintains bridges, culverts, and county road signs. Other responsibilities include preparing the annual budget and providing reports to the County Board, tracking and recording all construction, maintenance, and equipment costs. This information, along with the equipment inventory, must be submitted to the Nebraska Board of Public Roads Classifications & Standards for their review. Bridge inspections are performed and reported annually to the Nebraska Department of Roads Bridge Division.

The Road Department maintains a record of public roads and open section lines and permits for public utilities to occupy county right of ways. Prior to closure of an existing road, the department does an assessment and sets up a public hearing before the Board of Commissioners.

Special Road Districts are area geographic areas where the residents have gone to the voters within the area asking for an additional levy that may be used for maintenance of roads withing the district boundaries. Sheridan County currently has four active special road districts, three of which levy additional taxes.

Each year, during the month of January, the Highway Superintendent submits a list of proposed projects to the County Commissioners and the public. This is done at the annual 1 & 6 year road hearing. Once approved by the County Board this plan is filed with the State. Should a major change to the plan be required during the year, the plan must be amended and the changes submitted.