G.I.V.E. Generations In Volunteer Efforts

Sheridan County GIVE Program
Bev Wellnitz, Director
Sheridan County Annex Building
111 North Main
Rushville, NE  69360
Email: give4sc@gmail.com

The Sheridan County GIVE Program is the successor of the RSVP program.  It is a local program that is available to all ages.

The mission of the Sheridan County GIVE Program is to encourage all Sheridan County residents to use their time, talents, and experiences to assist in meeting the critical needs of the communities served.  A primary part of G.I.V.E.’s mission is to educate the community on the valuable services that its volunteers provide in their communities; and to provide volunteers with the recognition they so richly deserve.

Sheridan County is very fortunate to have 243 GIVE Volunteers.  These volunteers donate over 132,000 hours a year in helping their communities with volunteer services.  If you were to quantify this to dollars that Sheridan County saves a year by having these volunteers, it would come to over one million dollars.

One might only think of the benefits to the community from volunteerism, but years of research demonstrate that there are benefits for volunteers themselves. Volunteering can be a positive step toward improving your health and yield many benefits including reducing stress, increasing happiness, developing confidence, and finding purpose.

The Sheridan County GIVE program invites citizens of all ages to use their experience and skill to answer the call to service in their communities.  Volunteers are involved in many activities and projects through organizations, schools, libraries, and throughout Sheridan County.  Volunteers are a valuable resource that aid those in need.

Any funds generated by fundraising and donations by the Sheridan County GIVE Program will go directly to help with supplies needed for community projects.

If you would like to join our program, please email Bev at give4sc@gmail.com.  For more information, call 308-327-5630